The Heist, located at 114 Watson Street, was once home to a number of different banks, starting in 1855 when Richard Catlin opened the Bank of Ripon.

In 1882, the building was destroyed by fire and a new building was constructed only to have it burn down the same year it was finished in 1885.

The German National Bank opened on this site in 1890, and changed its name to the American National Bank in 1914 around the time of WWI. Shortly afterwards, the bank bought out First National Bank.

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Inside the lobby area, two gun ports are located on the wall behind the marble teller counter where armed security guards stood watch, protecting customers from threat of robbery.

Prior to the bank's construction, the Ripon Opera House stood on this site until it was destroyed by a fire in the early 1900s.

Now, this building is in the process of becoming a hub for all things local, promoting sustainable foods, investing in the arts, and fostering community in the heart of Ripon, Wisconsin.